Creating Authentic Connection And How To Have Conversations About Race with Krystle Cobran

September 16th, 2019

Episode 26: Creating Authentic Connection And How To Have Conversations About Race with Krystle Cobran

As a leader and an entrepreneur, it's important to know how to hold space for the folxs who enter your container.

Too often in spiritual communities, I've seen the "light and love"/"oneness" concept being used to invalidate or diminish the very real experiences of folxs with marginalized identities, and we NEED to do better.

Preaching oneness and light and love creates more division when you are not acknowledging and honoring the things that make us different in the 3D realm. It's imperative for all of us to create spaces where we can have real, brave and authentic conversations that bring us closer together. 

In this week's episode my guest, Krystle Cobran, gets real about what it means to step into fear, to honor your voice, and have brave and meaningful conversations that help us weave our stories together.  

We dive into:

-Krystle's story of how she was led into facilitating this powerful work

-what it *really* means for us to listen to one another

-how to find our voice and be brave in speaking our truth

-why preaching "oneness" isn't the answer

-how we can step away from *fixing* and into fully *seeing* each other 

And so much more!


Krystle's Bio:

There's a way to have the race conversation that weaves our stories together. We need doable tips, tools, and skills that help us learn how to listen to one another. We need to stop feeling so forgotten, abandoned, and alone. We need step-by-step support that helps us create connection and feel less lonely. We need clarity, judgement-free spaces to wrestle with hard questions, and spaces where we can talk about race feels like. We’re craving conversations with each other instead of at each other.
What we’re looking for is real, open, honest connection. The kind that weaves our stories together. That's what Krystle's work is all about. Krystle creates spaces, facilitates live conversations and workshops, and builds online training tools that help us listen to each other, see each other, and understand each other. She's here to help us connect more and fear less.

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Photograph: Amanda Olivia Photography (@amandaoliviaphoto on instagram) 


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The Shadow of Upleveling In Your Leadership and Business

September 8th, 2019

Episode 25: The Shadow of Upleveling In Your Leadership and Business

There's so much magic that happens on the other side of your comfort zone, and we talk about the magic of expanding in your leadership all the time.

But what we rarely talk about is what it actually looks like to uplevel and what to expect. 

When you're transitioning from one energetic leadership container into another, there are so many shadow parts that rise to the surface, and it can be difficult to know how to navigate the space. 

In this episode you'll learn:

-how you can alchemize what arises in the transitional space in your leadership to guide you into your next level of business

-the internal and external strategies to help you create a sense of safety and connection within that will guide you into transcending any obstacles

-what shadow parts come up and how you can work with them effectively

-why learning how to work with this transitional energy is crucial for your embodiment of the uplevel in your business and life

-how to use this liminal energy to guide you into embodying the future self in your present reality

And so much more!


To apply for Ana's 6-month individual coaching mentorship, please go to

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Igniting Your Creative Fire and Creating Magnetic Content

June 11th, 2019

Episode 24: Igniting Your Creative Fire and Creating Magnetic Content

If you're an entrepreneur, you know that content is queen. One of the questions I get asked most is: how do you constantly create content that inspires and speaks to people? How do YOU maintain your inspiration and tap into creative flow?

This episode is for you if you don't feel inspired to create, if you're stuck in judgment and worry about your content, if you're burnt out on content creation and you're looking to reignite the yummy flow within you, so that what you create authentically reflects who you are.

We dive into:

-how to ignite creative flow

-why the body needs to be involved in the process

-how to create content that your ideal clients LOVE

-what makes creative content magnetic

-where the energy gets stuck when you're struggling with creating

-tips on how to shift out of creative blocks

and so much more!


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Using Human Design to Create Success with Elisa Canali

June 5th, 2019

Episode 23: Using Human Design to Create Success with Elisa Canali


Elisa Canali is a spiritual Success Coach and she is obsessed with helping women, through the power of Human Design and GeneKeys, to understand their unique energy blueprint, unlock and embody their soul mission and manage their business in alignment without burnout and hustle. She is highly intuitive, clairvoyant and her superpower is to radically dissolve your blocks right before your eyes and catalyze your ability to trust yourself because your success can only come from that place inside you.
Her clients experience deep shifts in both mind and body, as she showers them with the frequency of LOVE and EASE which are her divine gifts.

In this episode we dive into:

-what is human design

-how human design can help you create success in your business

-human design types and how to use your type to market most effectively in your business

-how your inner authority in human design attracts ideal clients

and so much more!


To learn more about Elisa Canali:





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Embodying Your Life’s Purpose With Ashley DuFresne

May 20th, 2019

Episode 22: Embodying Your Life's Purpose With Ashley DuFresne

Ashley DuFresne is a Life’s Purpose Mentor: she mentors empaths and lightworkers in discovering & honing their unique gifts I.E. their magic. By using her gifts of channeling and energy alchemy, she instills within her students clarity, focus, and confidence in their abilities so they can show up as the biggest most badass versions of themselves.

In this episode we dive into:

-what a high dimensional channel is

-how claiming your intuitive gifts shifts everything in your business and life

-what is an empath, and how to work with your energy

-why being an empath is a superpower for your business

-the importance of ceremony and how to create ceremony for energetic transitions in your business and life

-the difference between your soul's mission and your life purpose


You don't want to miss this one!


To learn more about Ashley:




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Becoming Your Future Self

May 13th, 2019

Episode 21: Becoming Your Future Self

What does it actually take for you to become the person who can receive all that you desire?

I unpack what becoming your future self actually means. And it's not what you think. Often entrepreneurs get the message that they need to be someone else in order to receive and in order to be successful in their business, so they start looking outside of themselves, comparing who they are to other entrepreneurs when what they should be doing is looking within. 

In this episode:

-what it means to become your future self

-why so many entrepreneurs get stuck on an endless hamster wheel, never quite feeling like they get "there"

-how to receive what you desire to feel NOW, instead of waiting

-why it's important to truly align yourself with soul guidance, instead of taking action from parts that are in contraction

-what is quantum meditation and why it's important for the embodiment of the future you now

And so much more!

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Finding the Embodiment of Soulful Movement

February 13th, 2019

Episode 20: Finding the Embodiment of Soulful Movement

On the journey of embodiment, movement is crucial because it's part of the body's way of integrating what you've healed from the past, what you're learning and creating in the present, and what you are moving towards in the future. 

However how movement is approached in this culture usually comes from a place of expectation, shame and force. Body and fitness goals that are driven by unhealthy expectations, take the joy and soul out of moving our bodies. 

In order to embody yourself in business and life, movement has to come from the space of your soul. It's less about weighing and looking a certain way, and more about allowing the movement that you do to feel good in your body. 

In this episode we dive into:

-what the important of movement is and what role it has in embodiment

-how soulful movement can heal your relationship with your body and with yourself

-the role of movement in paving the pathway to your future self

-what the relationship between energy and movement is and how you can use it to your advantage

-the difference between exercise and movement, and why I stress this difference

And so much more!

If you're finding value from the podcast, please leave us a written review so more people can find us!

To learn more about Ana Kinkela, please visit her at, or connect with her directly on Instagram @wildsoulspeak. 

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Unleash Your Inner Power

January 30th, 2019

Episode 19: Unleash Your Inner Power

Being embodied in your own power is what makes you shine out your confidence and uniqueness into the world, so that others can SEE you, which creates the opportunity for you to create the impact you desire, and grow the kind of business that's truly aligned for you and the kind of life you want to have. 

SO many entrepreneurs get caught in the trap of "faking it", and feeling like they are not enough, and that what they have to offer isn't good enough. Learning how to tap into what's already inside of you, the well of inner power that rests within, is such a crucial component of stepping into full belief of yourself and what you are creating. It shifts the energy that you put out, and it instills a sense of confidence in who you are and how you are in the world that's grounded, embodied and in resonance with your unique truth.

In this episode I dive into:

-the social and cultural messages that affect your relationship to power

-the process of how to energetically unburden parts of yourself that are worried and fearful of being seen

-why inner power comes from your depths, and how you can find it

-the relationship between control and power, and how you can shift that dynamic

-how you can start to practice stepping into your inner power now

and so much more!


To contact Ana Kinkela and find out more about her group program, please go to

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Mindset vs. Embodiment: What’s the difference and why it’s important

January 19th, 2019

Mindset vs. Embodiment: What's the difference and why it's important

Are you an entrepreneur who's done a ton of personal development work, read all the books, worked with coaches and therapists, and you're STILL coming up against the same mindset blocks? Do you know what you SHOULD be thinking, and yet you still struggle with actually FEELING and EMBODYING that in your life and business? Then this podcast is for you.

There is so much conversation about both mindset and embodiment, and often times they get used interchangeably. So what IS the difference and why does it matter to you?

In this episode we dive into:

-why you run into the same mindset blocks over and over again and how to shift that for the long term

-the relationship between mindset and embodiment, what they have in common, and why traditional mindset work doesn't go far enough

-how traditional mindset work tends to reinforce the belief that you need to fixed, versus allowing yourself to recognize through your embodiment experience that you are actually whole (not just *know* it, but *feel* it!)

-why the unconscious is SO crucial in creating sustained pattern changes, and how this significantly affects your ability to expand and grow internally and externally, and why traditional mindset work doesn't go deep enough

-if you're someone who tends to get stuck in your head, wrapped up in self critical thoughts, why mindset actually just reinforces that pattern and keeps you from fully feeling and integrating a new way of being within yourself and you business

-why energy is crucial to this process, and how embodiment addresses energy in the body

And SO much more!!


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The Leadership Of Belonging

January 9th, 2019

Episode 17: The Leadership Of Belonging

So much of what is talked about in business and leadership is the act of doing-- what can you DO that will help you get closer to your vision of success and accomplishment? And while this is no doubt a crucial piece of seeing external shifts  in your life, business and overall environment, it doesn't speak to the importance of how we are "being" in leadership.

And ultimately it is the way that you are "being" that effects what and how you are taking action steps. Instead of focusing on the quantity of actions, what if we instead focused on the quality, the alignment and whether or not our actions are truly in resonance with our truth?

In this episode I dive into what it means to "be" as it relates to leadership, and how the struggle to feel truly connected within ourselves and with others is addressed when we start to seek belonging within in a deeper and more intentional way.

I talk about...

-the epidemic of loneliness that we all feel and how to turn towards ourselves and our communities to find what we are thirsting for

-how belonging to yourself is a practice of being with your uncomfortable parts AND an invitation to deepen in relationship with our universal self

-why true belonging within is deeper than even the relationship we have with ourselves, and extends into ancestral honoring and turning back towards nature and its rhythms

-how systems of oppression affect the narrative of belonging and the responsibility that folks with privilege hold to bring us all closer together.

-what tools you can use to create more alliances within yourself, and how to use ancestral knowledge to root even further into your foundation

And so much more!

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